What advice would you give a prospective med student?

The advice I would give prospective medical students is to keep an open mind going into medical school. It’s easy to get attached to a specialty and have tunnel vision however every specialty has unique sets of pluses and minuses, and ultimately to make an educated decision on what you’re going into, you need to have a full picture.

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

I chose this school because of the reputation of excellent clinical training. When I told various doctors I was interviewing here, the unanimous feedback I received was that the Long School of Medicine made fantastic clinicians. I have to say, LSOM has lived up its reputation. I’ve gotten exposure to many fields of medicine, learned how to manage a diverse set of pathology, how to do various procedures, and have had the opportunity to scrub numerous surgical cases.

Describe the Long School of Medicine in three words…

Diverse, Invested, and Fun.

There are people from all walks of life here and there really is a group for everyone. The school is invested in our well-being and education and that is made evident. They take our feedback seriously and are always trying to improve. Fun because this is what I’ve been working my whole life for and although it’s a lot of work, medical school has been a blast. Additionally, the students here know how to have a good work-life balance and often hangout outside of class—conversations aren’t medical school 24/7.

What is your favorite playlist, and why?

A playlist I’d share is lofi hip hop music-beats to relax/study to.

This playlist is great background music for studying or just hanging out. Helps me get through the long study sessions. If you haven’t heard lofi before it’s basically jazzy beats without lyrics.

-John Hanson Cabot ’21

Photo By: Brandie Jenkins, Senior Photographer