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The San Antonio area has a population of 1.5 million people, offering all the amenities expected from a major metropolitan area; yet, it is remarkably affordable, diverse, and inviting, ranked 14th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Best Places to Live.”

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Your medical education will be supported and enhanced by a cadre of specialists with diverse medical, philosophical, and educational backgrounds, housed in the Office for Undergraduate Medical Education on the fifth floor of the Dolph Briscoe Library, designed to provide “one-stop shopping” for your educational needs.

Students in Molecular Medicine Lab
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The UT Health San Antonio Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine is proud to offer a variety of clinical departments. More information about each individual department can be found below.

Student Performing Medical Research

One of the greatest assets of the Long School of Medicine’s residency programs are the variety of places where you can train. Our individualized programs offer training that is hospital-, medical- and surgical-based, as well as a diverse experience of patients, faculty and resources to support you and your medical education.

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Our specialized fellowship programs offer a variety of places where you can train and become an expert in the field of your choice.

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Phat Do

The cancer biology research program here is fantastic. We have world-class researchers literally from bench to bedside, from drug design to drug testing, mechanistic studies, and all the way to clinical studies. The program is also very collaborative and has great NIH funding records!

Phat Do
Student, The Long School of Medicine
Garrett Kneese

The LSOM has always shown an incredible dedication to its matriculants, with particular impressions having been made in the recent months of the COVID-19 Pandemic. My classmates and I have felt incredibly informed and strongly supported as we have temporarily transitioned to new methodologies of medical education.

Garrett Kneese
Student, Long School of Medicine
Hausman Cohen

I was looking for a medical school where I’d be the most comfortable and the most supported in my learning. Not only did LSOM provide that for me by being a Texas school in a city close to home with what was clearly a strong, diverse, and supportive academic community, but I also was impressed by the very hands-on approach LSOM took to the education of future physicians (aided by the direct connection to University Hospital).

Lee Hausman-Cohen
Student, Long School of Medicine
Glennette Castillo

The Long SOM has created such close ties with our community through our student + faculty run clinics, and our service projects, that I realize there are endless opportunities to join and help our city.

Glennette Castillo
Student, Long School of Medicine
Photo of Robin Jacob

As an LGBT applicant, I felt immediately reassured that this school was going to be a safe space and also a place that encourages diversity, and this put the Long SOM at the top of my list!

Robin Jacob
Student, Long School of Medicine
Drew Sanderson

For me, the Long SOM seemed very integrated into the community. I wanted my medical education to be centered around service to others, especially the most vulnerable in the community. I’ve found a network of friends and colleagues here that are some of the greatest and most inspiring people I’ve ever met. We lift each other up and really root for each others’ successes. That sense of community is important during medical school and also after you graduate.

Drew Sanderson
Student, Long School of Medicine
Abdullah Ghali

The Long SOM is the most inclusive campus I found. The San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic is a very special asset, which will let me heal my people. I will definitely stay here to raise my family.

Abdullah Gali
Student, Long School of Medicine
Katarina Pitka

I chose this school because of the reputation of excellent clinical training. When I told various doctors I was interviewing here, the unanimous feedback I received was that the LSOM made fantastic clinicians. I have to say, LSOM has lived up its reputation. I’ve gotten exposure to many fields of medicine, learned how to manage a diverse set of pathology, how to do various procedures, and have had the opportunity to scrub numerous surgical cases.

Katarina Pitka
Student, Long School of Medicine
Eugen Stolow

There are many opportunities for research, and to have projects both published and accepted at local, national and international conferences. My residency program’s spirit is not one of competition but one of motivating each other to be the best physicians and human beings possible. We help and support one another and have developed strong friendships both at work and outside the hospital.

Eugene Stolow
Resident, Long School of Medicine
James Keeton

From the top down, our program leadership team is receptive to feedback and invested in the constant improvement of fellow education. The collaboration between faculty and fellows is incredible; for example, we have a WhatsApp group to share interesting cases in an informal setting to focus on educational topics. Fellowship training in the cardiology training program has and will continue to help prepare me for a successful career.

Dr. Keeton
Fellow, Long School of Medicine
Three Long School of Medicine Students Taking Selfie

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