What advice would you give a prospective med student?

Dear Future Medical Student,
Our profession needs you! My advice as you embark on this journey into medicine is to hold tight to that awe that brought you to dedicate your life to others. Remember to build your community and to find that balance between discipline and wellness. We are excited to have you!

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

The faculty and the San Antonio population is friendly and kind. We have a city rich in culture and a hospital that collaborates with a diverse population of health care workers and community partners. Our medical center cares for a big part of the south and works hard to serve our underserved communities. San Antonio has that balance of big city life with a small town feel, while also surrounded with amazing one-day trip getaways such as Fredericksburg, State Parks, and the Texas beach. The Long School of Medicine has created such close ties with our community through our student and faculty run clinics, and our service projects, that I realize there are endless opportunities to join and help our city.

Describe the Long School of Medicine in three words…

Collaboration, kindness, progress.

Long School of Medicine provides its students and community a platform to reach for our goals with the help of amazing people whose willingness to help is unparalleled.

What is your favorite playlist, and why?

A collection, I made this playlist for a friend who wanted a peek into my assortment of favorite songs I listened to in the workroom.

-Glennette Castillo ’21

Photo By: Brandie Jenkins, Senior Photographer