What advice would you give a prospective med student?

Keep your eye on the clock. You can do everything you want like hanging out, spending time with family, traveling, but make sure you keep track of how much time you are spending doing those things and make sure you’re also actually studying.

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

The Long School of Medicine is the most inclusive campus I found. The San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic is a very special asset, which will let me heal my people. All specialties available in our hospital with their respective residencies. San Antonio is amazing. I feel so respected here, and it offers me an environment to do everything I want. I would definitely stay here to raise my family. The school curriculum is very good at preparing students for clinicals which is what we are most known for.

Using 3 words, how would you describe the Long School of Medicine? Why?

Safe, inclusive, and empowering. I feel I can be at my best in this school and I don’t feel limited in my personal abilities.

-Abdullah Ghali ’22