What advice would you give a prospective med student?

Find a reliable de-stress method you can do at any time. Applying to medical school can be very stressful, as is medical school itself, so a hobby or activity you can consistently enjoy is essential.

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

Long’s atmosphere and culture breeds supportive and chill classes, and you’ll hear this constantly from the students. It’s not an exaggeration. Even before our first day, my classmates and I were collaborating on resources to succeed in year 1.

In addition to the atmosphere, Long SOM has tons of opportunities. Volunteering and clinical experiences abound in San Antonio. And if you want to do research, you’ll find plenty of supportive residents and faculty willing to guide you even early on. You can really feel the school pushing you to succeed!

Describe the Long School of Medicine in three words…

Supportive, Productive, Chill

What is your favorite playlist, and why?

lofi hip hop beats – music to study/relax to ( lo-fi chill hop)

This was my favorite background noise while studying, and you’ll be doing a lot of that pretty soon (I hope).

-Yousef Salem ’24

Photo By: Brandie Jenkins, Senior Photographer