Why did I choose Long?

I received several offers to attend some great schools. I think I would have been happy at any of the schools that I got accepted to, but in the end Long was where I really wanted to come. When I was trying to decide which school would be the best for me, I had these questions in mind: Where will I (and my wife/child) be happiest for the next 4 years of my life. Where will I receive an education that will help me the most in my future pursuit of a residency spot and career choice. Where will I receive training that will help me become not only a qualified doctor, but the type of physician that I want/envision myself to become.
In the end, Long was the school where I felty confident that I, and my family, would be happy, receive an outstanding education, and be trained to become the best physician I could be. At long school of Medicine, the students, faculty, and staff that I interacted with seemed genuine, driven, and good! The school has many research opportunities, great hospital systems nearby, opportunities to focus on a specific pathway through the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, and a curricular structure that I like. San Antonio itself also seems like an awesome city to live in for 4 years while I go to school. Overall, the opportunities and environment that Long offers are exactly what I was looking for in a medical school.

What advice would I give a prospective medical student?

Getting into medical school is tough. I had to apply twice, so I know how hard and exhausting it can be to go through the application process. That being so, the effort is worth it, so don’t give up. Keep looking for ways to improve yourself so that you are prepared to become a better physician. The more meaningful your premed experiences are for you, the more likely it is that they will seem significant to an admissions committee.
Just getting in to one school is a big deal, but if you are given a choice, go to the school that you are most excited to attend. People make all the difference (that’s why you chose to be a physician right?), so go to a school where you feel comfortable with the students you meet, where the faculty/staff seem to care about the students, and where you will have opportunities to interact with and serve the people in your community.


-Trent Palmer