What advice would you give a prospective med student?

Don’t commit yourself to an apartment before coming to campus and seeing the apartment in-person. Online reviews are sometimes dubious. On your apartment tours, look for red flags such as whether neighbors have small children or smoke in-door, whether the apartment has roaches and other pests… usually the cleanliness of the carpet and toilet seat is indicative of the apartment quality.

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

The cancer biology research program here is fantastic. We have world-class researchers literally from bench to bedside, from drug design to drug testing, mechanistic studies, and all the way to clinical studies. The program is also very collaborative and has great NIH funding records!

Describe the Long School of Medicine in three words…

Diverse, collaborative, fun!

What is currently on your favorite playlist?

I listen to Vietnamese popular soundtracks so maybe that won’t fly too well here 😁


– Phat Do, MD, PhD candidate ’24

Photo By: Brandie Jenkins, Senior Photographer