What advice would you give a prospective med student?

Never count yourself out. Of my class, I already know that myself and at least four others were interviewed on the final interview day (and I’d venture a guess there are more; COVID tamped-down a bit on the ability to get to know everyone). Of us five known Last-Dayers, myself and at least one other were “last minute” invites, finding out the week-of the interview that room had suddenly opened for us. We thought we were afterthoughts. We weren’t; I matched Long, my first choice, on match day. If you’re invited to interview, you have a very real shot no matter how untraditional the circumstances. Take it and make the most of it.

Why did you choose Long School of Medicine?

I was looking for a medical school where I’d be the most comfortable and the most supported in my learning. Not only did Long School of Medicine provide that for me by being a Texas school in a city close to home with what was clearly a strong, diverse, and supportive academic community, but I also was impressed by the very hands-on approach LSOM took to the education of future physicians (aided by the direct connection to University Hospital). All of this is a little ironic considering the current temporary limitations that the age of COVID presents, but even still the dedication to this mission is evidenced by Long’s commitment to providing Anatomy and Clinical Skills courses in person- courses that I believe so critically depend on such direct interaction to learn well, but still could have been pushed online by a program that didn’t recognize the sheer importance of the hands-on element of physician training from the very beginning.

Describe the Long School of Medicine in three words…

A little hard solely from a MS0 perspective, but from discussions with current students and impressions from faculty and interview day

Collaborative. Practical. Potentiating

What is your favorite playlist, and why?

I really go back to either Blink-182-based playlists or 80’s pop music. I love the feeling of nostalgia, and Blink-182 and those 2000’s MTV-esque groups literally bring me back to watching Smallville on the tv with my dad, while 80’s music just has that feeling of nostalgia built into the sound. Even as a 90’s kid, there’s just something about the heavy-use of not-so-well blended synthesizers that does it, regardless of having no connection to the time.

-Lee Hausman-Cohen ’24

Photo By: Brandie Jenkins, Senior Photographer